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Toll Booths Might Be in N.C.'s Future

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Tolls might pay for road repair, building.
FAYETTEVILLE — If N.C. Rep. Larry Shaw has his way, tollbooths might be erected on I-95.

Shaw's bill calls for constructing the booths at the Virginia and SouthCarolina borders. The money generated would pay for future construction;Shaw would like to see I-95 expanded from four to at least six lanes fromborder to border.

The I-95 corridor is one of the most popular highways in the state,enabling motorists to drive efficiently from New York to Florida. Thehighway passes close to Roanoke Rapids, Rocky Mount, Wilson, Smithfield,Fayetteville and Lumberton.

Some motorists think paying for roads they use is an acceptableconcept.

Others see problems with toll booths. Some drivers think they payenough taxes already; others say there are safety problems with tollbooths. The latter say motorists sometimes run into the booths, or intocars waiting in line to toss the coins. Other hazards can occur whenpeople decide suddenly to swerve from one toll booth basket to another,cutting across lanes of moving traffic.

There are no toll booths on North Carolina roads. For I-95 to havesome, approval must be granted by the General Assembly, as well as byCongress and federal highway officials.