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Time to Set Clocks Ahead One Hour

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Those long summer evenings, perfect forcookouts and sports, return Sunday with the start ofdaylight-saving time.

Daylight time returns at 2 a.m. for a stay of nearly sevenmonths as clocks are turned forward an hour.

Remember, spring forward.

Most people will make the change before retiring Saturday night- especially those who want to avoid being late for church Sunday.Standard time will return Oct. 26.

The law allows states and U.S. territories to exempt themselvesfrom daylight time, and the clock-changing ritual is not observedin Arizona, Hawaii, part of Indiana, Puerto Rico, the VirginIslands or American Samoa.

Safety officials note that the time for changing the clocks isalso a good time to replace the batteries in smoke detectors.

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