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Legislators Ponder Evolution for Schools

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Rep. Capps
RALEIGH — While scientists generally accept the theoryof evolution, none have been able to definitively prove that man evolvedfrom single-celled creatures, or primates for that matter.

Now, North Carolina legislators are considering whether evolutionshould continue to be taught as fact. Representative Russell Capps,(R-Wake-Durham County), has proposed a bill to the House EducationCommittee that would ensure that students learn the theory of evolution asonly one of several possible stories about the creation of humans. Cappssays some books teach evolution as the only option.

Scientists watching the debate say lawmakers supporting the bill areconfusing the issue and downplaying evidence. Scientist Charles Keelingsays if science is being taught, it should be what scientists accept.

Representative Capps' bill is still in committee. A vote could come asearly as Wednesday.

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