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Parents of Megan Dail Speak Out Against Drunk Drivers

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Megan Dail
RALEIGH — Sunday's accident in which a 6-year-old childwas struck by an alleged drunk driver has once again sparked an outcryfrom those whose lives have been scarred by such accidents. With statelawmakers now working on a bill aimed at making current DWI laws tougher, afamily which was recently touched by such a tragedy is speaking out.

The Dails lost 4-year-old Megan just a month ago when,police say, their minivan was struck by a habitual drunk driver. Now, theysay, they want justice for Megan and for everyone on the road.

Austin Dail, the victim's 2-year-old brother, doesn't understandwhy, but he knows his sister is gone forever. Sherry Dail says it's beenvery hard on everyone.

The Dails face their loss by getting signatures on a petition that asksfor tougher DWI laws. They estimate they have collected more than 2,000names so far. Dail says she was stunned when she found out that the driverwho hit them, Timothy Blackwell, was a convicted drunk driver with nolicense.

The tougher laws being considered in the North Carolina legislaturewould impound vehicles driven by habitual drunk drivers and would sendthem to jail for a minimum of one year. Karyn Brown of Mothers AgainstDrunk Drivers(MADD) says it's not perfect, but it is a start.

Dail says her daughter's memory will remain alive as the familycontinues to fight for tougher laws.

The Dails will speak Tuesday to a senate judiciary committee which isconsidering the bill. They also plan to be in court for Blackwell's firstcourt appearance next Monday.