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Toppling Trees Kill One, Injure One in Wake County

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RALEIGH — It's been almost seven months since HurricaneFran tore through the Triangle, but her deadly and destructive legacycontinued Monday as windgusts of close to 50 mph brought down trees and power lines weakened bythe September storm.

A North Raleigh man planting azaleas in his yard was crushed when atreefell on him in the Ivy Ridge subdivision. He has been identified as TimGriffen.

Another man was injured when he was struck by afalling tree as he worked on the roof of a Raleigh house. Rescue workerssaidAlfonzo Voletta, 35, suffered multiple broken bones. He was taken to WakeMedical Center, where he was in stable condition Monday night.

In downtown Raleigh, a tree fell onto a house with twopeople inside. No one was hurt, but resident Naomi Harrison said the windand the sound of the falling tree brought back some unpleasantmemoriesfrom last fall.

Carolina Power and Light reported 16,000 customers without power atnoon Monday. A spokesman said he expected all power to be restored withinfive or six hours. At least 5,000 of those customers were in the Triangle.

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