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Walking in the Footsteps of Religion and History

Posted March 28, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— Christians everywhere are celebrating Good Friday, the day Jesus was crucified. WRAL's David Crabtree and Photographer Jay Jennings are in Jerusalem, joining in with Christians from around the world, including folks from the Triangle.

Jerusalem is one of the world's most holy cities. Three great religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all based here. There's also an ancient city within the city limits.

The old city of Jerusalem is contained within historic walls. In fact, a section of the wall was built in the first century.

Once inside, it's a different world. The Arab quarter of the city is a popular spot for tourists. It's also home to the Via Dolorosa, the path taken by Christ to his crucifixion.

Earlier today, a stretch of the Via Dolorosa, a narrow passageway in Arab East Jerusalem, was packed as people from all around the world made their pilgrimage here to help commemorate the crucifixion of Christ.

Every year, people want to see the reenactment as Jesus is being led to the spot where he would be crucified. People like Don and Linda Loposay of Wendell. They know how important a trip to the Holy Land can be. Don Loposay:"Being able to ready the Holy scripture and then being able to see those actual sites, to be able to walk where Jesus walked, to experience it first hand, is just incredible and awesome."

While this is Good Friday, a holy day for Christians, for many people in the Holy Land, it's life as usual.