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Wilson Man Wants Casino on Native American Land

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WILSON — A Wilson man has a dream for his land the restof us could one day cash in on as well. Robert Ethridge said he wanted togive almost 300 acres of land to Native American tribes to build a casino.

Ethridge is part Tuscarora Indian and said a 1784 treaty assures him andhis tribe the land in Wilson is theirs with which they can do as theyplease, including building a casino.

N.C. Director of Indian Affairs Gregory Richardson said Ethridge'splan was notimpossible, but highly unlikely.

"The idea is certainly interesting, but it seems like a long shot," hesaid. "Once the application is submitted and all the paperwork starts,there's going to have to be some collaboration with the governor."

Ethridge said the treaty protects the tribe from having to negotiate withN.C. government.

"In order for someone to stop us, they're going to have to bring us betterevidence than what we've already got, so we're going to continue on untilsomeone comes up with better proof than we've got and says, 'Read this,'"he said.

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