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Father Charged with Violating Parole After...

Posted March 27, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— The father of convicted murderer Todd Boggess has been arrested on charges that he violated parole in Pennsylvania. The evidence, authorities say: testimony at his son's capital murder trial about how he had frequent sex with his two sons, Todd and Michael Jr.

Michael Boggess was arrested Tuesday in Beaufort County after Durham District Attorney Jim Hardin notified parole officers of Boggess' incriminating statements during the trial.

Boggess had bragged during a taped interview that he had molested hundreds of young boys.

Boggess, 61, was convicted in 1987 of having sex with his son Michael. The elder Boggess was put on probation after serving six years in prison. He was ordered not to have contact with his son or any youth under age 18.

But documents Hardin provided to parole officials say Boggess assaulted his son Michael, 24, as recently as three months ago.

A parole hearing will determine whether Boggess returns to prison or remains free on probation.