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True Blue Tar Heel Fans

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Jeanne & Hortense give Coach
APEX — The UNC Tar Heels may not remember how to lose. They haven't sinceJanuary.So, what's the key to their 16-game winning streak?Better offense? Better defense?Maybe not. Maybe it's Jeanne and Hortense, and a lucky kiss for thecoach.

Jeanne Hack and Hortense Raynor are two longtime friends from Apex,who follow the Tar Heels wherever they go. They have a passion forbasketball, and Jeanne thinks they may just be theTar Heels' lucky charm.

"When we kissed him I said, 'Dean this is going to bringyou good luck, I promise.' He has won every game since thattime."

If you've ever been to a Carolina game, or seen one on TV, you can't missthese two ladies, decked out in anything and everything Tar Heel from headto toe. Like the athletes, Jeanne says, they too put on their uniforms for a game.

"I feel just like one, I'm getting dressed out to go play ball and I play, when the games are over I'm worn out. And I tell Hortense'I've played so hard today, no wonder we've won.'"

Hortense says they have to sneak in their signs because they're really notallowed."And one year they made us break the sticks, they were afraid someone could get injured. So, one or two of mine don't havesticks!

Jeanne warns with a laugh that only Duke fans need to be careful ofgetting hurt.

And what they can't wear, they take in, of course, in aCarolina duffle bag. They even bring a change of clothes, just in casethey're needed on the court.

This duo has been following the Tar Heels for decades. All three ofHortense's children went to Carolina, and Jeanne has been a fan as long asshe can remember.Hortense says they've seen lots of big games."I was in New Orleans when Michael Jordan was a freshman andwhen he threw that ball and it went in that thing I just thought I just can't stand it. My heart was just racing."These ladies have become celebrities among Carolina fans.They pose for a lot of pictures, and Jeanne says they love every minuteof it.

"We're very brave, I think, to look like we do, but we do havea good time, and that's the name of the game."

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