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Judge Renfer Faces Panel of Her Peers

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RALEIGH — Judge Susan Renfer faces a panel of her peersin the North Carolina State Supreme Court Thursday. A judicial group wantsRenfer off the bench, but she says the allegations against her are false.

Among other things, Renfer is charged with falsifying court documents,coercing guilty pleas, and physically assaulting an attorney. The JudicialStandards Commission has already recommended her removal. Both sides ofthe issue had an opportunity to speak during Thursday's hearing. WilliamFarrell, special counsel for the commission says the violations are theworst he's ever seen.

Renfer's attorney, Larry Crain, said much of what was being said aboutRenfer was untrue.

Judge Renfer would not comment on the proceedings, and referred allquestions to her attorney.

The supreme court has several options. It can remove the judge as hasbeen recommended, censure her, do nothing, or send the issue back to thecommission. The next decision date for the supreme court is April 11, butthere is no guarantee a decision on this matter will come down then.