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Proposed Jordan Lake Development Brings Growth Concerns

Posted March 18, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— When Chatham County Commissioners met Monday night to discuss a proposal for the largest residential development in the county, the water quality of Jordan Lake was a major issue.

Supporters of the project said the development would pay big dividends in tax dollars, but opponents said that was not a price they were willing to pay.

The project, called Astoria, is planned for a wooded area on the western shore of Jordan Lake. It would feature 356 single family homes, 160 townhomes and a golf course.

"If this proposal comes in, I'm going to have to move," said Katharine McBride. "I can't have this suburbia in my backyard."

Chemical runoff from golf course fertilizers has some residents concerned about the water quality of Jordan Lake. But developers said the water supply would be safe because they would have treatment systems and holding pond which would keep any chemicals on the golf course and out of Jordan Lake.

The next meeting on Astoria is scheduled for April 1.