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Cumberland Curfew On Hold For Now

Posted March 18, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— Although his proposal is on the back burner for the next few months, Cumberland County Sheriff Moose Butler is renewing his push for a teen curfew.

And he has support from some students.

"I think he should push for it, because if you really have to be out there you should have a guardian with you," said Jennifer Miller who plays on a soccer team which has evening practices.

Teammate Tania Sepulveda said she thought the only people who might have problems with the curfew would be those who caused trouble.

But student Ryan Douglas said any curfew that might be imposed should be flexible.

"I do a lot of volunteer work in and out of school, and sometimes I don't get home until 12 or one o'clock in the morning on weeknights, so I think it really depends on the person and situation," she said.

Butler initially made his curfew pitch to the county commissioners in November. He had hoped to have it in place by January, but the commissioners have yet to vote on the proposal. He said the commissioners had not revisited the issue after members met with Fayetteville city officials.

"It's been somewhat frustrating, because I knew we were ready to go, and the commissioners met with the city, and we had a good meeting," he said. "I thought it was very productive, but it seemed like at that point they just wanted to kind of forget it for a while and that's what's happened."

Fayetteville police have indicated they are not ready to make kids play by the sheriff's proposed rules. If the commissioners approve them, the curfew would apply only to public places outside city lines.