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Woman Brings Bracelet to Former POW

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The POW-MIA bracelet
PIKEVILLE — Twenty-seven years after buying a POW-MIAbracelet, Kathy Moore came face-to-face Saturday with theVietnam-era serviceman it honored: former Air Force Lt. Col. JamesHiteshew.

Moore said she is acutely aware that the freedoms she and otherAmericans enjoy were purchased with the sacrifices and bravery of peoplesuch as Hiteshew. She bought the bracelet in 1970 when she was a highschool freshman in Lenoir.

She had tried to find him for years with no luck. Then she tried theInternet, and found that he lives in Pikeville.

Saturday, Moore journeyed from her Watauga County home to meet Hiteshewand show him the bracelet.

Hiteshew had been shot down near Hanoi, and was released from captivityin March 1973 as the Vietnam war wound down.

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