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Some Research Shows Molested Children Not Necessarily Adult Criminals

Posted March 14, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— When Michael Boggess took the witness stand in Durham Thursday hoping to save his son's life, he presented an unusual argument. Boggess admitted to sexually molesting his son hundreds of times over several years.

Todd Boggess' attorneys say that's on reason the jury should spare the convicted killer's life. While many people assume a molested child is likely to grow up to commit violent crimes, one psychiatrist says it's just not so.

Dr. David Colvard says years of research shows that there is no correlation between child sexual abuse and later acts of violent crime.

Some advocacy groups and the defense attorneys disagree with Dr. Colvard. The doctor says the attorneys in this case, and many others, play on emotion, not science.

Prosecutors are asking for the death penalty for Todd Boggess.