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Fugitive Found Guilty of Murder

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Calvin Jackson, aka Curtis Jackson, with his wife. (WRAL-TV5 News)
TAMPA, FLA. — A Florida jury has found a Duplin County,N.C., preacher guilty of second degree murder. In October, his TarHeel neighbors had learned that the man they knew as Curtis Jackson forthe past six years is really Calvin Jackson -- and that he was wanted fora 10-year-old murder.

Jackson had lived in the town of Faison, where he had worked his wayout of the migrant work camps and gotten a job at the Cates pickle plant.He was considered a model employee at Cates. He married a Duplin Countywoman and became an ordained minister. No one knew of his past until lastOctober, when he was arrested at work.

Jackson was convicted of killing a man in 1986, after the man tauntedhim with racial slurs.

Faison, which has but one stop light, is a rural town where everyoneknows everyone else. Those who knew Jackson felt he could not be capableof murder.

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