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Duplin County Minister Convicted of Murder

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St. Paul's Church
TAMPA — A man who spent the past six years inDuplin County, N.C., has been convicted of killing a man who taunted himwith racial slurs 10 years ago in Hillsborough County, Florida.

Calvin Jackson had made many friends in Duplin County, where he worked atthe Cates Pickle plant and became an ordained minister at St. Paul Churchof Christ in Wilson. St. Paul's pastor, Rev. Chester Aycock said Jacksonbecame the youth director there.

Jackson never told his friends in Duplin county about the night of July23, 1986 when he shot and killed Toby Brown in Florida. Cindy Brown, thevictim's widow says she's surprised at the double life Jackson led.

Fannie Lucas, associate pastor at St. Paul's, says those affiliated withthe church are saddened.

Church members and other Jackson supporters have sent letters to hisattorney expressing their hope that the court will be lenient when Jacksonis sentenced. Lucas says nothing will be served by Jackson'sincarceration.

Jackson's sentencing is scheduled for April.

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