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Convicted Child Molester to Testify For Boggess

Posted March 13, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— Testimony from a convicted child molester could save a convicted murderer's life. A Durham judge decided to allow Todd Boggess' father take the witness stand Thursday.

Michael Boggess told the jury about the many times he sexually abused his own son and how that might have affected Todd Boggess.

The younger Boggess was convicted of killing a Wilmington teen. His father's testimony would be heard by the jury trying to determine if Todd Boggess should get the death penalty.

Michael Boggess estimated he had molested nearly 2,000 children in his life. He said he exercised intimidation and control techniques on his son and the other children.

Prosecutors did not want the elder Boggess to take the stand.