Local News

"Neighborhood Access" to the Net

Posted March 12, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— For many residents of Raleigh's Chavis Heights, computers and the Internet are luxuries they couldn't afford or have easy access to -- until the "Neighborhood Access" program came along.

The program, which started three months ago, provides a room in the community center with several computers, a knowledgeable teacher and a link to the World Wide Web.

The future is looking far more technological for 11-year-old Aisha Bolton, who says she knows that computer skills will be needed when she eventually hits the job market. This opportunity, she says, will let her have a head start on understanding computers and knowing how to use them.

Program participant Marcus McClain says he is glad the program is available, especially right in the heart of the Chavis Heights community.

While it may be fun to learn how to hit the right keys and type one's way onto the Internet, "Neighborhood Access" is not aimed at play. It encourages people to drop by and hone skills that can land them a better job. To attract kids, the door is open after school, on holidays and teacher workdays.

Teacher Bernadette McAllister says she is glad she can share her knowledge with Aisha and the other students, and she is hopeful they will pass what they have learned to others.