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Parents Protest East Wake Arrests

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Suspects' families outside Sheriff's office
ZEBULON — Police say the public is safe now from a bandof teens suspected of terrorizing the people of Wake County in their homesand businesses. The teens appeared in court Monday, accused of more than20 violent armed robberies and a triple murder.

Investigators say the teens have apparently been living in hotelsthroughout the area in order to elude police and continue a brazen crimespree. They were arrested Saturday morning for, ironically, a brokenheadlight.

Relatives of the suspects gathered outside the Wake County Sheriff'sOffice Monday morning. Antina Mitchell, mother of one of the suspects, said she thinks the police arrested theteens because they wanted to arrest someone quickly.

But police say they have identified three of the suspects, in connectionwith the brutal killing of three people in Zebulon last week. Two othershave been identified in connection with armed robberies in the same area.

Sharlene Fogg, mother of another suspect, said both she and her son are inshock.

Sheriff John Baker is convinced the right men are in custody, but sayshe's concerned about seeing more teens involved in serious crime. He saysmore parents need to exercise discipline and that parents, communities andchurches need to join forces to prevent this sort of trouble withtheir children.

District Attorney Colin Willoughby says he has more than enough evidenceagainst the suspects to take to the grand jury. He would not discuss theevidence.

The parents WRAL-TV5'sKelly Wrightspoke to said, with the exception of one, that they didn't know wheretheir children were the nights of the crimes.

The suspects were assigned court-appointed attorneys Monday. Their nextcourt appearances are scheduled for March 31.

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