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St. Mary's Leaves Tradition Behind

Posted March 6, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— Saint Mary's College and High School took the first steps toward ending a long-standing tradition Thursday when the school's board of trustees voted to phase out its two-year college program.

Saint Mary's will now be an all-girl prep school for grades nine through 12.

Many students were visibly upset about the changes, but other said it was a change that had to come. Board member Mazie Froelich said the schools' traditions had become outdated.

"We saw the demographics coming years ago," Froelich said. "There's a lesser appeal for women's junior colleges than there used to be and there's a great demand for boarding schools up in the Triad, in the east, certainly in the Triangle area."

Some students said listening to Thursday's announcement was like going to a funeral for a friend.