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Sabates Wants Expense Money from Centennial Authority

Posted March 6, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— The man who headed up Raleigh's bid to lure a professional hockey franchise now wants the Centennial Authority to reimburse him for his efforts.

Felix Sabates says he wants nearly $00,000 returned to him, because that's what he spent trying to win a National Hockey League Franchise for Raleigh. He dropped his bid when local politicians failed to come up with an agreement on a proposed arena.

The financier says he may pursue legal action if he doesn't get his money.

Meanwhile, there was another delay Thursday night for the arena.

A joint meeting between Raleigh City Council and Wake County Commissioners was cancelled. The meeting had been called for the purpose of discussing arena funding.

Both groups support the building of an arena, but the size and means of paying for it are at issue.