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Two Arrested in Zebulon, Neither Charged with...

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Anthony Brown
ZEBULON — A day-and-a-half after a brutal triple murderin a Zebulon house, two arrests have been made, but no murder charges havebeen filed yet.

Wake County Sheriff John Baker now says drugs are believed to have beena factor in the crime and that drugs were found on the two suspects whenthey were taken into custody. The two are now in Wake County jail on$100,000 each, facing only drug charges.

Anthony Brown and Leah Bryce are charged with possession with intentto sell and deliver cocaine. According to Baker, neither Brown nor Bryce have been ruled out as suspects in the murders.

Police tape has come down at the crime scene. It has been determinedthat victim Dewayne Rogers lived in the house, 14-year-old victim DamianArmstrong lived across the street. Police don't know yet how the thirdvictim, Robin Watkins, came to be in the house.

Watkins' sister, Susan Price, says she saw Watkins shortly before shewas killed.

Police say it was drugs that lured the victims to their deaths. Price says she doesn't know if her sister was involved with drugs or not.

Sheriff Baker says he is appalled at the brutality of this crime.

Police now say the car that was found at the scene belonged to Watkins.They have not ruled out the possibility that she could have been abductedand brought to Rogers' house. Witnesses have told police that Watkins wasseen at the house on several occasions prior to Monday night.

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