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Drive-By Shooting Victim Afraid to Go Home

Posted March 3, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— A 4-year-old Raleigh boy is still recovering from a gunshot wound he received last week. Now his family is concerned about taking him home to an area known for crime and violence ... and they may get some help.

The child is currently in guarded condition in the pediatric intensive care ward at Wake Medical Center. His mother, Beverly Huggins, says he is afraid to go back to where he was shot.

Huggins says her son, Jermaine, has been having nightmares about the house.

She admits to having a checkered past herself, but says she would like to get out of the neighborhood and away from the crime that spilled over into her house.

Several area churches and community groups are trying to find a way to move the family into a safer neighborhood. Bruce Lightner of the Martin Luther King Celebration Committee says the community needs to help this family.

The two suspects in the shooting remain at large.