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New Tobacco Law In Effect Thursday

Posted February 27, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— A new era of federal regulations on tobacco products begins at midnight. There will now be tougher controls on the sale and marketing of cigarettes and some other tobacco products.

The goal of the new regulations is to keep tobacco away from children.

Though the law prohibits anyone under age 18 from buying cigarettes, the new law requires photo identification from anyone under the age of 27 in order to prevent older-looking teens from purchasing tobacco.

In addition, no free samples of cigarettes will be given out and no vending machines will be allowed except in areas that are off limits to teens. Displays and promotional materials must come down in retail outlets and virtually all cigarette advertising must be in black and white text only.

The Commonwealth of Virginia has joined a tobacco industry lawsuit aimed at preventing the federal government from regulating tobacco.