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NCCU's 'Exception' Wants to Be Slam Dunk Champ

Posted February 25, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— OK. First get the sterotypes out of the way. Wesley Snipes may have told Woody Harrelson that white men can't jump, but NCCU student Wes Collins says he's the exception to the rule.

Of all the students at N.C. Central, Collins can dunk better than any of them. But it's not like the guy just showed up. He learned how to dunk from Jerry Stackhouse in Kinston. He played ball at Furman.

So Collins knew what to do when his turn came to compete for the chance to represent NCCU in this weekend's CIAA Slam Dunk Championship.

"I got behind the basket, threw it up over the goal. It bounced just perfectly. My adrenaline was flowing and I just grabbed it and killed it -- dunked it hard," Collins said.

"For my second dunk, I got the cheerleaders out on the floor and made a little line up to the goal like a tunnel. I threw it from halfcourt and it was another good toss, luckily, and the adrenaline was flowing again. I ran through the cheerleaders and dunked it again.

Collins will take on the dunk champions from other CIAA schools this weekend during the league tournament in Winston-Salem. So what's he thinking about this week?