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Cumberland County May Have Stalker Problem

Posted February 25, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— Fayetteville police and the Cumberland County Sheriff's office are in the midst of an intense search. They believe one man is behind a recent string of assaults on women here.

Police say the suspect has approached and attempted to attack three women in the southern part of Fayetteville in the last month.

A composite of the suspect (at left) looks like many people, but police say composites obtained from the descriptions of three different people are nearly identical. Sgt. Steve McIntosh of the Fayetteville police says the suspect's mode of dress makes him stand out.

The first incident occurred on January 25, when a woman walking home was dragged into a car and raped. Then, on February 5, a young woman was approached by a person matching the description of the first assailant. He asked for directions, but the woman sensed something was wrong and walked away. Police say she was very lucky.

Hardy McDonough, who lives in the neighborhood, says it's not the sort of activity she and her neighbors are used to.

On February 16, a girl was abducted while walking. Sgt. McIntosh says she barely got away.

Neighbor Margit Monaco says it is frightening to think about.