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Police Arrest Two in Fayetteville Stabbing

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FAYETTEVILLE — Police say the stabbing death of aFayetteville man was part of a crime spree that involved murder, robberyand arson. As a result, area residents are dealing with the loss of awell-known and respected man.

Police say they found the inside of Mack Gibson's home ransacked as helayoutside stabbed to death. A neighbor, Gary Tierney, said this dreadedcrime happened to a most unlikely person.

William David Bunce, 32, and Lisa Edwards, 25, were arrested Sunday and charged with first-degreemurder and robbery with a deadly weapon in connection with Gibson's death.Police say the couple stabbed Gibson in the back, left him near hiscarport, then took off in his Corvette.

Police were checking reports Sunday that Bunce and Edwardsdrove with Gibson to his home Saturday night. There were no signs offorced entry at the home and no cars parked nearby that the couplecould have used, Lt. Tom Guilette said.

Tom Harmon, a neighbor who rented a home from Gibson, said heheard an engine revving about 11:40 p.m. Saturday, looked out awindow and saw a man behind the steering wheel of Gibson's car. Awoman was in the passenger seat.

After the car sped away, Harmon went to investigate anddiscovered Gibson's body. He had been stabbed several times.

Minutes after police investigators got to Gibson's home, hiscar was found burning alongside U.S. 301 south of Fayetteville.

As investigators drove to the abandoned car, a Texas manstaying at a nearby motel reported that his pickup truck had been stolen.The description of the thieves matched Bunce and Edwards, policesaid.

About two hours later, a Cumberland County sheriff's deputy sawthe pickup truck abandoned in Wade. It, too, was on fire.

Police said they were able to trace the couple to aFayetteville motel room, where they had been staying since late last week.

Gibson was a veteran advertising salesman with the Fayetteville Observer-Times.Co-worker John Jones says Gibson was a man loved and cherished by hisfamily and friends.

Tierney says neighbors are learning that even the best of neighborhoodsaren't sheltered from the worst of crimes.

Bunce and Edwards are being held in Cumberland County Jail withoutbond. Bunce has served time for a long list of larceny and breaking andentering conviction.

Further charges against the two are pending.