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Landers, Wells Found Guilty

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RALEIGH — A federal jury Friday found Russell DeanLanders and James Vincent Wells guilty Friday in their fraud andconspiracy case.

The charges had arisen from a fraud scheme intended to finance aFreeman plot to kidnap and execute public officials in Montana.

Prosecutors had contended the men used comptroller warrants, which theFreeman regard as as valid money, to get funds from Central Carolina Bank.Defense lawyers used that belief in the warrants' validity as a defensefor the men.

The men had been charged with bank and mail fraud, transporting stolenproperty and trying to intimidate IRS agents and interfering with theadministration of IRS laws.

Still at issue is forfeiture, which the jury must still decide. Themen might be fined from zero to $475,000 for their offenses.

Wells was on hand for the verdict; Landers had been banned from thecourtroom after several outbursts.

Wells' wife was a spectator as the verdict was read. Other than she,there were no known Freeman supporters in the U.S. District courtroom.