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Harris Convicted in Plew Slaying

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ROCKY MOUNT — It took a Nash County jury but two hoursto convict Dexter Harris of first-degree murder in the death ofJodie Plew.

Harris, 34, was one of two men charged in the March 30, 1995, slaying.Plew was on her way home from the grocery store when she was abducted, shot to death and her car stolen. Plew, the mother of a young son, wasstuffed in her car's trunk and driven around for several hours.

For Mrs. Plew's widower, Marc, this trial was a hurdle to get over.The sentencing portion of the trial comes next.

Authorities found the car in Florida, where Harris and another man werearrested in connection with an attempted carjacking in Miami.

Harris and Bobby Arrington, 19, were charged in April with first-degreemurder, first-degree kidnapping, robbery with a dangerous weapon andconspiracy to commit robbery in Plew's slaying.