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Faculty Member Attacked at NC State

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Winston Hall
RALEIGH — North Carolina State University students areon alert after the recent attack of a faculty member in a campus restroom.The attack has a striking similarity to an attack in the same buildingtwo years ago.

Warning signs have been posted in 800 different spots across the campusreporting that an intruder attacked the female faculty member Friday night in Winston Hall on Hillsborough Street. Female staff, faculty and studentssay they are uneasy.

Student Anna Massilla says she tries to be alert.

The previous attack occurred in February, 1995 when, as in thisinstance, the woman was on her way into a restroom when the attackersubdued her. In each case, the attacker put his thumb in the victim'smouth to keep her from screaming, but each woman fought back and eachtime theattacker fled.

Crime Prevention Officer Larry Evans says law enforcement will belooking closely at the similarities between the two incidents.

Campus police immediately increased patrols inside Winston Hall andother campus buildings, and a task force has been formed to offer safetysuggestions to the chancellor. Ideas the task force has come up withinclude givingwomen faculty and staff priority parking, installing so-called panicbuttons in campus restrooms, providing emergency cellular phones whichdial police, and possibly installing security cameras.

NCSU Chancellor Larry Monteith says all those things will beconsidered.

Chancellor Monteith will get recommendations from the task force nextThursday, and a new grant is allowing the school to immediately installmore lighting on campus.

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