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DMV Officer Resigns

Posted February 11, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— The Department of Motor Vehicles officer who headed the states emissions inspection program has resigned. Col. A.L. Felton, 59, met with new DMV Commissioner Janice Faulkner Monday afternoon, and shortly thereafter it was announced that he will step down, effective March l.

The emissions inspection program, which operates in nine metropolitan counties, has been criticized for erratic administration. Sanctions against inadequately performing inspection stations ranged from no penalties to punishments that varied widely. The emissions program is aimed at ensuring that vehicles aren't producing excessive pollutants in high traffic areas.

Faulkner denied she pushed Felton to retire. She toldThe News & Observer, "Lord, no. I hadn't gotten around to it, and I don't know if I would have. I'm trying to be in a problem-solving mode. I hadn't focused on the people."

Faulkner said she hopes to name a replacement for Felton in a few days.

Felton was a DMV inspector in Wilson before Gov. James B. Hunt named him head of enforcement in 1993.