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American Strike Would Tie Up RDU

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Picketing pilots at RDU.
MORRISVILLE — If American Airlines pilots go out onstrike four days from now, the impact will be felt in the Triangle. Whilea strike would boost ticket sales for other carriers, some people withplans to fly on American could be inconvenienced.

American Airlines would completely shut down at RDU International ifthe strike is not avoided. That means 1900 people at the airport and andthe reservation center in Cary would be out of work. The airline wouldground its 17 daily flights out of the local airport.

Jasper Stem, a passenger who traded in American tickets forthose from another airline, says he feels no sympathy for the pilots.

Monday, there was already a scramble as passengers hurried to trade intheir American tickets. Travel agents and passengers alike said they arenot going to wait until the last minute, but will act as if the strike isa sure thing.

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