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Restaurant Had a Zoom-Through Lane

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FAYETTEVILLE — Most fast food restaurants have adrive-through lane, but one at a Fayetteville restaurant became azoom-through lane Friday night.

Witnesses say 17-year-old Rocky Williams sped through the Exxon/BurgerKing rest stop near Ramsey Street...and wrecked a row of cars.

One man said he was eating his hamburger as the dramatic incidentbegan. "That silver car came flying through (doing) about 80, and jumpedthe median," Jason Brown said. "It went through the gas pumps, almostslide and missed a fuel truck, then hit all these cars."

Police say three teenagers were in the car, and the accident apparentlyscared them.

Officers say they all tried to run, after the accidents. Sofar, only Williams has been charged.

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