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Dunn Residents Shocked by Gruesome Crime

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House in Dunn where the slaying, assaults occurred.
DUNN — It's the type of crime that would raise eyebrowseven in big cities, but it happened in Dunn and has left the smalltown in shock.

Police are investigating the death of 38-year-old Tomas Cabreras, animmigrant farm worker found dead and hog-tied in an apartment. Police saythey think the crime involves four friends who lived together in oneroom. One, Cabreras, is dead. Another escaped a similar fate. The othertwo are being sought by police.

Neighbors told WRAL-TV5'sMarkRobertsthat the four men frequently had noisy parties, throwing emptybottles out the window. A man who rents another room in the same house,and who asked to remain anonymous, says the man who was killed paid rent for and took care of the other three men.

Police say the dead man was sexually assaulted and died ofstrangulation. His neck, feet and hands were tied. The second victim wasalso tied up and assaulted, but managed to escape and call police.

Joshua Gregg, who lives nearby, says neighbors are concerned.

Dunn Police Captain Eddie Draughton says there were no murders inDunn in 1994 or 1995. There was one in November of 1996, but this isthe second murder so far this year.

Draughton says they hope this is the end of a cycle of crime in Dunn.