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Shaw Students Seek Safer Campus

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Students at Shaw University say security guards arent' always at the gate.
RALEIGH — Concerns about campus security are beingexpressed by students at Shaw University after a peeping Tom was reportedinside a women's dormatory earlier this week.

University officials met Friday and decided to add another third-shiftsecurity guard. That increases the number of night security guards to two,but students said that was not enough to make them feel safe.

"I think they should be more strict with security and check IDs foranybody that looks unfamiliar here," said student Kevin Little.

Shaw does have fences, cameras and security guards, but some students saidall of those methods weren't enough to keep a peeping Tom out ofthe women's dormatory. University officials still don't know how he got in.

At Meredith, a private college a few miles away, the view of campussecurity is very different. Despite the campus' relative openness, 17security guards provide constant security.

"I feel very safe here," said Meredith student Beth Eastman. "We havesecurity guards everywhere."

Visitors to Meredith must come in the front entrance and have theiridentification checked by a security guard, said security guard SherwoodJones. Visitors' drivers licenses are kept by Meredith security andreturned when the visitors leave campus.

If a student at Meredith ever needs a security guard, they are only aphone call away. This is a luxury some Shaw students say they don't have.

Shaw students said they would take up the issue of campus security attheir next student body meeting which is on Feb. 13.

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