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Treated Toys Keep Toddlers Germ-Free

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RALEIGH — Germs can easily ride on the toys toddlersshare, threatening to spread infection despite toy or hand washing. Now,the same technology that adds bacteria fighting agents to hand soap can befound in a new line of toys being introduced by Playskool.

The process that bonds germ-killing pellets to plastic or fiber iscalled Microban. Researcher Glenn Cueman says the substance is built in,so it can't come off.

Researchers have put Microban to the test against some of the mosttroublesome germs. Dr. Philip Tierno, a clinical microbiologist saysthe process works on some of the worst offenders.

This is not likely to be taken lightly by parents of young children.They will now have one less thing to worry about, especially when it comesto children's toys.

Eileen Porter is a mother who says she's happy to see the developmentof this technology.

Microban has been used successfully by the medical products industryfor 10 years, and was developed near Winston-Salem.

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