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Wake Forest Starts Town Curfew

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WAKE FOREST — Wake Forest teenagers and their parentsmay be seeing a bit more of each other -- the Wake County town began acurfew Friday night.

On Fridays and Saturdays, teenagers 15 and under must beoff the streets and out of public places by midnight. The town councilenacted the regulations to protect teens from being victims of crime, andto reduce the temptation to commit crime. Police had pushed for the newmeasure.

Sgt. Lee Godfrey of the Wake Forest Police Department said the wordabout the curfew is getting out. Many adults seem to like the concept.

The small Wake County town doesn't offer many opportunities for teen recreation. Some of the town's youngsters hang out at a local pool hall.The teens suggested that, instead of the curfew, more security guards behired so that crimes would be less likely to occur. One of themcharacterized the new law as "Not cool."

The curfew calls for an 11 p.m. - 6 a.m. curfew Sunday throughThursday, and a midnight curfew for Friday and Saturday.

Police will notify the Social Services Department if the kids breakingcurfew are under 13. Parents of curfew violators could face a $100 fineand/or 30 days in jail.