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Dispute Wages on Over Raleigh Arena

Posted January 24, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— Three Triangle leaders who say they don't support a 21,000 seat arena now say they will support whatever the voters demand in a public referendum. Raleigh Mayor Tom Fetzer says he, Councilman Marc Scruggs and Representative Russell Capps want to give the people a voice.

Fetzer Scruggs with the support of a taxpayers' association, but without support of their fellow city council members, say the public has been left out of the ongoing dispute over whether or not to build an arena capable of housing an NHL franchise.

Fetzer says it seems everyonebutthe public has expressed an opinion.

Centennial Authority members say the politicians are using the arena issue for political gain at a crucial time when debate could shut out the area's chance at obtaining a hockey team. The Centennial Authority is the group overseeing the arena project.

Scruggs says a referendum will show which side has the most enthusiasm.

Capps says it's all guesswork if the public's opinion isn't heard.

These three are calling for a county-wide referendum to determine, not whether to build an arena, but how big it will be and how much the Centennial authority will be allowed to spend on it.