Local News

Phones Still Out in RTP

Posted January 18, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— Some offices in Research Triangle Park will be pretty quiet this weekend. Workers installing water lines for the city of Durham apparently cut the cables Thursday morning. Both phones and computers went quiet in many businesses.

GTE has been hard at work since, trying to repair lines. Because the damage occurred under the street, the repair job has been a challenge. GTE crews first had to dig 15 feet to reach the cables. Then they must identify all the severed lines, find their severed connection and splice the two pieces back together.

By Friday, GTE had rerouted some calls to ring at other phones in the same building, and other companies were given cellular service.

Approximately 2300 customers were affected by the outage. Among the largest sites affected are Data General, the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institute of Environmental Health Services.

The cable cut occurred near Alston Avenue and N.C. 54.