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One of Three Soldiers Charged in Slayings Pleads Guilty

Posted January 13, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— One of three Fort Bragg soldiers charged in the slayings of two black Fayetteville residents pleaded guilty Monday to conspiracy and accessory before the fact of felony assault.

Randy Meadows pleaded guilty in a court in Fayetteville today.

Under the plea bargain, Randy Meadows agrees to testify against James Burmeister and Malcolm Wright, who face first-degree murder charges.

The three 82nd Airborne Division soldiers were charged in the Dec. 7, 1995, shooting deaths of Jackie Burden and Michael James. Police say Burden and James were killed because they were black. The soldiers are white.

Police say Meadows drove the car while Burmeister and Wright got out and pursued the victims.

Prosecutors say Meadows drove off after shots were fired, leaving Burmeister and Wright behind.

Jury selection is scheduled to start next week in Burmeister's trial. It could last up to three weeks.

Judge Coy Brewer has rejected a defense motion to ban cameras from the trial.