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Unexpected Dusting Causes Unexpected Problems

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DURHAM COUNTY — The sights, the sounds of the season.Asquickly as the area becomes a winter wonderland, it turns into a dangerzone.

Even with temperatures above freezing, a hidden patch of ice sends twocars crashing head on into one another.

49-year-old Elisha Jenkins and 16-year-old Nicholas Carden, both fromRougemont, were injured in the accident. Jenkins is listed in seriouscondition, Carden in stable.

Accident witness Edgar Johnson commented on how drivers need to showextra caution on roads that the Department of Transportation likely hadnot put sand on yet.

It was more than just a problem on the roads. The shade and the coldcombined to make a rare sight at RDU. Crews were forced to de-ice some ofthe planes, causing some early morning delays.

Even by afternoon, it looked like Old Man Winter didn't have plans onleaving every place. The snow-covered grass glistened, making for abeautiful coutry drive. But even off the road, the outdoors was not theideal place to be.

Some men tried to make the best of it while cleaning up their churchgrounds, staying close to the burning debris.

A big worry, though, is that even at the height of the day, not all ofthe ice was able to melt. And even that ice that did could very likelyrefreeze.

Driver Tina Clayton noticed several wrecks from people trying to driveon the icy conditions.

And that's the problem. It's often hard to tell just how fast or slowto go, showing that even someone's best judgment can't always keep MotherNature from throwing them into a spin.

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