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Gallery Owner Wants Painting Returned

Posted January 10, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— Art gallery owner Lee Hansley lost a painting when the trunk of his car popped open without his knowledge, and he wants it back.

Hansley was on his way from his West Martin Street gallery to Raleigh's Civic Center when the painting fell out. When he noticed it was gone, he retraced his route and found a city sanitation crew who said they saw what happened.

They said the painting was run over by at least three vehicles before it was picked up by a couple who then carried it away in their sport utility vehicle. The painting is by Bert Carpenter and depicts two zinnias, one orange, the other yellow, in a tin can.

Hansley said the painting is valuable and that he hopes the couple will return it to his gallery or call him at828-7557.