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Police Arrest Alleged Drug Kingpins

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WILSON — Wilson police say they've rounded up some ofthe largest drug suppliers in eastern North Carolina. Officers say thethree men arrested Thursday were responsible for millions of dollars worthof drugs that came into the state.

Police arrested Jeffrey "Cookieman" Moore, Richard Ashby andChristopher Richard. The men are accused of supplying street dealers withcrack cocaine. Wilson Police Chief Willie Williams says the three menbrought in about $400,000 worth of drugs every week.

Williams says they did not take any drugs in the bustbecause thesemen are too far up the drug selling ladder to have drugs lying around. Butpolice did confiscate five cars, some real estate, drug money, and otheritems they say were bought with drug money.

The U.S. Attorney's office cooperated in the arrest so they couldarrest the three on federal charges. Police say they worried the men wouldbe back out soon if other charges had been filed.

More arrests are expected.