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Larger Mobile Homes Can Be Built, But Not Lived In

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RALEIGH — Sixteen-foot-wide mobiles homes made in thestate can travel on highways if they are bound for another state, but theystillcannot be purchased by North Carolinians.

That's the decision today from state Board of Transportation.Before the vote, it was illegal to move 16-foot-wide mobile homes, betterknown as "double-wides,"on stateroads. Fourteen-foot homes were the maximum size allowed.

North Carolina mobile home manufacturers, who lead the nation inmanufactured home production, said the old 14-foot limit waskilling theirbusinesses.

Friday's vote is only a partial victory for makers of mobile homes.They still cannot transport the homes for sales within North Carolina.Also, the state placed several restrictions on the larger homes. The canonly travel on specific portions of Interstates 95, 85, 40 and 77, andonly between 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., Mondays through Thursdays. Makers alsomust get a permit for each home they want to export.

On Thursday, the board's safety committee heard from both sides.Steve Zamiara, a mobile home manufacturer, says the larger homes aresafe to move.

David Parsons of AAA of the Carolinas says safety is already affectedwith thecurrent limits.