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Commuter Plane Crashes in Michigan

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MONROE, MI — A Delta Airlines commuter plane hascrashed in Monroe County, Michigan. Emergency crews are on the sceneattempting to extinguishing flames.

The crash occurred about five miles northwest of Monroe CountyFairgrounds. Experts eyewitnesses say the plane fell nearly straight downand exploded. Therewas no indication that an emergency landing was being attempted and it isnot known if wintry weather conditions in the area contributed to thecrash.

The FAA says the plane was an Embraer 120 and that therewere 25 passengers and three crew members on the plane. Sources say therewere no survivors. The plane crashed just after take-off in nearbyDetroit.

Details are sketchy. WRAL TV5 First News at 5 and WRAL OnLine willbring you new developments as details become available.

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