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Road Crews Ready To Keep Schoolkids Safe

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RALEIGH — If you think you've got some drivingdecisions to make tomorrow, consider this.

The Wake County School System puts 680 busses on the road twice a day,every school day.

Someone's got to make the call on whether to put 47,000 students on theroad with a potentially icy mix on the way.

The man who makes the call is Transportation Director Dr. Wyatt Harper.

Dr. Harper is doing all he can to make sure that children will be safeon their way to school.

Harper and his raod assessment teams will hit the road at 4:30 in themorning.

The road crews on the other hand, hope to have a few hours work in bythen.

Lacy Love, with the Department of Transportation, said that he felt theDOT had plenty of chemicals to handle the possibility of icy roads.

Mark Robertsreporting.

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