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Tickets and Trip to Panthers vs. Green Bay? Got Money?

Posted January 6, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— If you think it was tough getting a ticket to the Panthers-Cowboys game, just wait until you try to find one at Lambeau Fieldthisweekend. If the cost of a scalped ticket plus the weather in Wisconsin aren't enough to scare you off, maybe the travel costs are.

The only time there was an empty seat Sunday in Ericsson stadium was when its occupant was standing up to cheer. That meant many people who showed up hoping to snag a last-minute ticket watched the game on tiny television screens outside the stadium instead.

Now, it appears it will only be worse in Green Bay.

Dale Alexander is a Triangle travel agent who's trying to arrange the perfect NFC championship weekend. He says even bad seats are very expensive.

Even if youarelucky enough to get a ticket to the game, you still have to get to Green Bay. Here's how it all adds up.

You have to fly into Milwaukee, then drive to Green Bay. Forget, for the moment, about the fact that many roads in that area might be impassable by next weekend. The flight costs about $265 and you can count on about $500 per ticket to the game if you're lucky, and that's for seats in end zone. Then add in about $200 per night for a hotel room in Milwaukee plus $80 for a rental car for that two-hour (at best) drive to and from Green Bay.

Of course, if the Panthers keep this current streak going, there's always the Super Bowl. Tickets for that game arestartingat $1,250.