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Marijuana Found in Wilson

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WILSON — Two men and nearly 250 pounds of marijuanaare now in custody after a drug bust in Wilson

Authorities say it is the largest marijuana haul ever in Wilson County.Ironically, one of the suspects inthisbust held the previousrecord of 140 pounds of the drug. Deputies say both of these suspects aremajor contributors to the drug problem in eastern North Carolina.

The confiscated marijuana is said to have a street value of about$225,000. It is believed that one of the men brought the drugsnorth from Texas and that the other, 47-year-old Donnie Earl Lewis, is thelocal connection.

The pot is on its way to the State Bureau of Investigation, but WilsonCounty Sheriff Wayne Gay says he thinks this bust will do little to deterlocal drug trade.

Gay says the two suspects make their living from transporting andselling drugs. He found money wrappers for thousands of dollars in thesame home where the drugs were found. Gay says it is frustrating becauseLewis is already out of jail on $10,000 bond.

Sheriff Gay said he is going to a district court judge to attempt tohave the bond raised and put Lewis back behind bars.

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