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Students Readied for Sad News

Posted January 4, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— For the youngsters at New Hope Elementary School the holidays ended with very sad news. One of their teachers was murdered over the Christmas break. But their principal tried to prepare them for their first day back at school.

In the days before the students were due to return, Principal contacted every home to ensure that parents could tell their children what had occurred, and answer questions. For those families without telephones, visited their homes.

"She's a very compassionate person," said Anne Denlinger, Wilson school superintendent, "and cares a great deal for her faculty and her children."

Kelly Hawks, a fourth grade teacher at the school was killed December 23. Her husband, Tim Hawks, has been accused of the murder.

Counselors and psychologists are in place for the students and for faculty and staff at the elementary school.

Flags on the building have been set at half staff in Hawks' memory.