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Raleigh Rest Home Under Scrutiny

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RALEIGH — Update as of April 1, 1999:The state Division ofFacility Services re-issued a full license to Manorhouse on April 1, 1997,and inspections since that date have shown Manorhouse to be in compliancewith state regulations.

Manorhouse Personal Care Retirement Center,regarded as one of the city's more up-scale facilities, has been orderedto accept no new residents. The Division of Facility Services says thefacility is not taking adequate care of people already under its roof.

The state alleges Manorhouse has failed to follow doctors' ordersconcerning food and drugs needed by residents, and that it has putbed-bound patients at risk by not moving them regularly, which raises thepossibility of painful bedsores and serious complications. The state alsoalleges that Manorhouse did not keep complete records.

The state agency has downgraded Manorhouse's license, acting oncomplaints from Wake County Social Services workers. Inspectors foundshortcomings back in August, and sent in a nutritionist and pharmacist tohelp management improve services.

When the problems persisted, punitive action was taken.

"We take this kind of action when we detect a direct threat to thehealth, safety and welfare of residents," said Ellen Walls, an assistantsection chief with the state's group care office.

Manorhouse, at the corner of Wade Avenue and Dixie Trail, opened in1991. It had been licensed to operate 124 beds.

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